International School of Self-Esteem,
Rebirthing and Leadership

February 2013 / December 2014
at Centro SRI in Giubiasco, Canton Ticino, Switzerland


The INTERNATIONAL SELF-ESTEEM PROJECT (ISEP) has been created by Bob Mandel in 1997 after a meditation. While he was in deep silence, a question appeared in his mind: “What is the thing you would most like to do to improve the world?”
The answer and the purpose of the project appeared immediately: helping to raise the self-esteem of every man, woman and child on the planet.

ISEP ISEP is a project that arrives at the right moment. It teaches children and grown-ups to be at peace with themselves and to accept the differences that are perceived in others. Through a series of 10 journeys, we learn that true Self-Esteem is not egotistical but holistic. We learn to develop a healthy sense of self and to honor the rights of others. Our soul grows when we share our light, not when we hide it. Furthermore, it expands when we open to relationships. “No man is an island” the English poet John Donne wrote, many years ago.

You will be able to understand:

  • What is Self-Esteem and what is the difference between Self-Esteem and "self-respect" or "having a high opinion of oneself".
  • Why some people seem to possess a big quantity of it and others don't.
  • What we can do to eliminate our feelings of ineffectiveness, unworthiness, of not being able to make it.
  • That we all want more Self-Esteem. Because we know that it is the foundation of our success and of a life full of satisfaction. Without it we feel lost in a world that often we can't foresee. Self-Esteem is an anchor that keeps us steady in a stormy sea.
  • That, especially in times of rapid changes and threat to the stability of the planet like these, coming back to the foundations of our Self-Esteem represents a path towards a safe place of peace and inner tranquility.
Who are we not to deserve all this?


It is a personal growth tool that, once acquired, we can use on our own for support in difficult times, to relax, or "just" to feel the energy flowing in our body.

It is a path that will allow you to obtain:

  • Considerable stress reduction
  • Release of physical tension
  • More awareness of your decision making power
  • A renewed openness to change and to relationships, with ourselves and others.
  • The ability to rebalance body, mind and spirit
  • The ability to recognize the origin of doubts, anxiety and fears. Their acceptance and consequent integration.
  • A higher Self-Esteem
  • The feeling of finally being flowing with your life
  • Taking your power and not delegating it to others
  • Learning to have relationships without struggle
  • Creating prosperity
  • Letting go of the victim role
  • Transforming pain into pleasure
  • Through breathing, learning to live in present time and release the cellular memories of birth that are constantly present in the body
  • You will be able to decide to take the responsibility of your life
  • You will be able to relax in the full awareness of your being
  • Recognizing that the decisions of the past create your present reality
  • Turning disapproval towards yourself into total acceptance
  • Releasing the breath that was held at the moment of birth, at the origin of many emotional alterations and illnesses.


The awareness that into each of us there is a leader. The thought that we all arrived in this life as messengers of God, to bring our message of universal love, forgiveness and truth. Can there be a greater messenger than a messenger of God? We are all leaders because we all have the ability to help making the world a better place.

What can you reach?

  • The Leader inside you. Become a true leader, a new leader for a new world, a man or a woman who wants to leave what he has given to the world as an inheritance, instead of what he has taken from the world
  • The art of giving seminars and lectures.
  • The ability to handle the energy of a group.


Creating a Self-Esteemed world of Peace, Love and Connection.


  • Opening, awareness, peace and rebalancing of body, mind and spirit.
  • Development of intuition.
  • Acquiring the capacity of living in the present moment.
  • A professional training for all people who want to dedicate themselves to the expansion of their life project through self-knowledge, a good Self-Esteem and integration of birth.

To whom it is addressed

Everybody: parents, housewives, managers, therapists, doctors, psychologists, educators, holistic operators. To any person who wants to increase his or her own Self-Esteem, integrate birth, become his own leader and leader of his own life or make Rebirthing and inner development his work.

What you can obtain

  • The first year, a certificate of participation to an intensive path of personal growth.
  • The second year, a certificate that enables professional practice as a Rebirther, recognized by: di Rebirther, riconosciuto da:
    SRI - Swiss Rebirthing Institute, International Seminars Leadership Programs (ISLP) and Associazione Italiana Rebirthing (A.I.R.).
  • Living in harmony with yourself and with the people around you, family, work environment and love relationships.
  • Living consciously in peace, happiness and good health.
  • Learning the art of giving seminars and lectures.

Evaluation and certification

The final evaluation is necessary to assess suitability to professional practice.
Requirements to access the evaluation phase are:
  • Attendance of 90% of the total hours
  • Completion of a cycle of 20 individual sessions, 10 with a female professional Rebirther and 10 with a male professional Rebirther
  • Payment of the total amount of the participation fee
  • Writing of a thesis on a subject connected to Rebirthing.
The evaluation consists in a conversation during which the participant presents his/her thesis and some themes that are fundamental for the professional practice are discussed.


First module - AIR
A series of 7 week-end seminars and 1 four-days intensive with Francesca Ragazzoni Tomassetti, Bob Mandel and Laura Benini. During this phase that we have called AIR you will deepen your awareness of breath, the connection with spirit, and the 10 journeys back to your sacred space. You will learn the many aspects of transforming life by becoming aware of your limitations and opening the mind to new inspiration. You will receive precious teachings on the Rebirthing technique, and you will get to experience - together with the other participants – how to lead a Rebirthing session.

Second module - FIRE
This series of 3 week-end seminars on Self-Esteem and Rebirthing with Francesca Ragazzoni Tomassetti are the second level of the Training of SRI, International School of Self-Esteem, Rebirthing and Leadership. The second level, that we have called FIRE, is focused on our inner flame. During these seminars you will become aware of the 10 journeys that bring you back to your sacred space. While you learn the 5 essential elements of Rebirthing you will connect with your Self-Esteem and apply all this to your personal growth as well as love and work relationships. This phase is an extremely valid tool to come back to your inner self and go forward in life.

Third module - WATER
During these 3 week-end seminars that we have called WATER, led by Francesca Ragazzoni Tomassetti and Matteo Manzini, you will work deeply with breathing in water and with love relationships. You will breathe in water several times, connecting with your pre-natal and post-natal memories. You will learn how the days and weeks that followed your birth have influenced tendencies to deep attachments and to intimacy issue in relationships.
You will expand your ability to love, to feel affection through deep physical connections.

Fourth module - EARTH
The fourth level, composed of 2 week-end seminars and 1 five-days intensive, that we have called EARTH, represents the completion of the whole training. By deepening your roots in the earth you will integrate your spiritual growth with Self-Esteem and Rebirthing again. Bob Mandel, Francesca Ragazzoni Tomassetti and Matteo Manzini will lead you towards your inner teacher in search of your inner leader, and will teach you how to lead others.
You will become a Professional Rebirther.
At the end you are going to choose a support group to continue your path after the training, not alone but as a part of an ever expanding group: the Big International Family of Rebirthing and Self-Esteem.


Francesca Ragazzoni Tomassetti (responsible of the training) After marriage she moves to Italian Switzerland where she works in the field of furnishing and home decoration. She follows a path of personal research that leads her to encounter Rebirthing, which she chooses as inner growth tool and that becomes, in time, her main professional activity.
She has been training as a Rebirther in Connecticut (USA), many years ago, with Bob and Mallie Mandel's International Seminars Leadership Programs (ISLP), where she continued specializing as a Rebirther and where she became also a certified teacher and responsible for Switzerland of the International Self-Esteem Program created by Bob Mandel. She successfully practices teaching the self development technique of Rebirthing, offering individual and group sessions, both dry and in water. She and her husband Pierangelo founded together SRI, SWISS REBIRTHING INSTITUTE.
In Switzerland, she has obtained the authorization to free exercise of the profession of Complementary Therapist in her Canton.

Laura Benini
Midwife and Music Therapist, she also has an experience of many years in education.
Working with 3 months to 6 years old children she has learned to listen to her own family roots, and got to "birth". Now she is near to women who are giving birth and to children who are born. She leads birth support groups and is a collaborator to personal growth programs related to this subject. She has a passion for all things that "move", "touch", and "bring to light", enjoys singing and writing as tools to increase her well-being.
She has also been following Rebirthing trainings for several years.

Bob Mandel
has been a pioneer and one of the most important internationally recognized leaders in the practice of Rebirthing since the '70. Founder of ISLP, International Seminars Leadership Programs, and creator of ISEP, International Self-Esteem Project, as well as author of several books, including "Money medicine", "Open heart therapy", "Two hearts are better than one", "9 journeys home", "Wake up to wealth".

Matteo Manzini
He gets to know Rebirthing and meditation during his adolescence, and has been practising these techniques with persistence since then. He starts a training path with S.I.R. (Scuola Internazionale di Rebirthing), and obtains at completion the certification of Professional Rebirther. Three years later he completes a training with SICOOL (Società Italiana Counselor e Operatore Olistico), and becomes a Counselor. He presently is chairman of A.I.R. (Associazione Italiana Rebirthing), an association whose purpose is to promote the theoretical and practical knowledge of this extraordinary self growth method.


Friday 7pm to 10pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 7pm
lunch break 1pm to 2.30pm

9 evening meetings:
Thursday 7pm to 9pm

30 hours of work as an assistant:
dates and schedule to be defined.

Total hours of the training: 330, of which 159 on the first year and 171 on the second.

Total investment:

CHF 6’840.00

Cash by December 15th, 2012

(Discount CHF 840.00) CHF 6'000:00

Investment first year:

CHF 3’290.00

Cash by December 15th, 2012

(Discount CHF 330.00) CHF 2'960:00

Investment second year:

CHF 3’550.00

Cash by June 30th, 2013

(Discount CHF 350.00) CHF 3'200:00

The fees include teaching, didactic material and supervision by Francesca
during the period of the training itself, and of two tutors, Simona Belli and Caterina Stähli

Payment by instalments is possible, with previous agreement with the training responsible and payment of CHF 700.00 at enrolment.
della formazione, che richiedono il versamento di CHF 700.00 all’iscrizione.


  • The fee for this training is a total amount, therefore the absence from one or more week-ends doesn't exempt from payment.
  • It is possible to participate to the missed lessons in the following training.

Places are limited

Places are reserved following the enrolment order.


February 2013 / December 2014
SRI - International School of Self-Esteem, Rebirthing and Leadership

First year

February 2013 / December 2013
Level 1 AIR
Hours 159
Self-Esteem / Rebirthing
7 week-end seminars and 1 four-days intensive,
with Francesca Ragazzoni Tomassetti, Laura Benini and Bob Mandel.

February 23-24, 2013 Rebirthing. Fundamental principles and basis
with Francesca

March 16-17, 2013 Conception and life in the womb
with Francesca and Laura

May 3-4-5, 2013 Birth, intimacy and relationships.(OPEN TO EVERYBODY).
with Bob Mandel

May 18-19, 2013 Functioning of the mind - Limiting beliefs - Personal lie
with Francesca

June 8-9, 2013 Childhood - Parental disapproval syndrome
with Francesca

October 17-18-19-20, 2013 Rebirthing and the 4 elements (OPEN TO EVERYBODY)
with Bob Mandel

November 15-16-17, 2013 Self-Esteem(OPEN TO EVERYBODY)
with Francesca

December 14-15, 2013 Hot water rebirth.
with Francesca

  9 evening meetings of 2 hours each for seminars integration
(total hours of first year: 159)

Second year*  

January / March 2014
Level 2 FIRE
Hours 48
Deepening Self-Esteem / Rebirthing,
3 week-end seminars

with Francesca Ragazzoni Tomassetti

January 25-26, 2014 Deepening Self-Esteem / Rebirthing
with Francesca

February 22-23, 2014 Deepening Self-Esteem / Rebirthing
with Francesca

March 21-22-23, 2014 Deepening Self-Esteem / Rebirthing
with Francesca

April / June 2014
Level 3 WATER
Hours 45
Rebirthing in hot and cold water, 3 week-end seminars
with Francesca Ragazzoni Tomassetti and Matteo Manzini

April 12-13, 2014 Rebirthing in hot water
with Francesca

May 24-25, 2014 Rebirthing in hot water
with Matteo Manzini

June 14-15, 2014 Rebirthing in cold water
with Francesca

October / December 2014
Level 4 EARTH
Hours 48
Self-Esteem+Rebirthing Certification / Leadership
1 five-days intensive, 1 week-end seminar and presentation of thesis
with Bob Mandel, Francesca Ragazzoni Tomassetti e Matteo Manzini

October 15-16-17-18-19, 2014 New leaders for a new world (OPEN TO EVERYBODY)
with Bob Mandel

November 15-16 Self-Esteem+Rebirthing Certification / Leadership
with Francesca

December 13-14, 2014 Self-Esteem+Rebirthing Certification / Leadership
with Francesca and Matteo

  30 hours of work as an assistant
(total hours second year: 171)
*This program may be subject to modifications.