Life Coaching

Created in the United States to improve sports performance. Over time, this technique was adopted also by the business world, and thanks to its success it is presently employed in all fields.

It supports people to connect with their potentials, to re-activate those potentials and to transform passions and dreams into reality.

It helps to discover what really matters in our life and to make an action plan that can lead us to reach what we really desire.

With the support of the coach we go beyond all the obstacles and blockages that we meet along the road, and together, through Acceptance, Commitment and Action, we reach and celebrate success.

Life Coachingis an extraordinary process based on Creativity and Growth, both for the client and his or her coach, in the direction of their total realization and in the responsibility of their choices.

"I am the master of my destiny: I am the captain of my soul."
William Ernest Henley

The first session is for orientation and getting to know each other, and is essential to decide and choose together the strategy to adopt.

The following sessions can be in person or via Skype and can be twice or once a week. There aren't fixed programs, as the journey is established and planned following the client's needs.