Here some of the things that you can find in our shop.

Audio books (in Italian)

These books to be listened to, created and produced by us, have been thought for the little ones but are also for grown-ups, and for anyone who prefers, for various reasons, the magic of listening to the act of reading.

Bruco Brucotto - The Caterpillar

I am an ugly fat goofy caterpillar my life is dull and not very interesting...

Campanellino - Little Bell

"How nice, is it a little bell? I have never seen such a small one. Can I touch it?" Tommaso was a little jealous and would have preferred to keep his little treasure for himself. He wasn't very sociable, Tommaso. He was an only child, used to always be on his own, to keep everything inside, and when he was among other children, like at school or at the park, he felt uneasy...

I Mantra della Prosperità - Prosperity Mantras by Bob Mandel

Book + CD "I mantra della prosperità" "Many people are powerful, but unhappy. Others are happy, but money-less: you can have it all!" Bob Mandel

Other Audio books (in Italian)

Innamorati di te - Fall in love with yourself

"I often hear people saying: if I get born again, I'll change everything... This kind of affirmation makes you understand how easily we surrender to a life that is not the one we had dreamed of. I feel I can tell you this: Don't wait for a next life! This is your next life! Make this life your next happy life".
Tiberio Faraci


Bob & Mallie Mandel Bob & Mallie Recollections

Books (in Italian)

Here are just some of the books that you can find in our shop. Of course they are all related to our activity.

Bob Mandel, Sondra Ray Il segreto della personalità Armenia

Bob Mandel Due cuori e un'anima Armenia

Bob Mandel La terapia dell'amore Armenia

Bob Mandel Una vita più ricca
Aprire la mente alla prosperità

Bob Mandel Vivi relazioni straordinarie di copia, con
gli altri e con te stesso

Leonard Orr, Konrad Halbig Il libro del Rebirthing Mediterranee

Sondra Ray Colora d'amore la tua vita Armenia

Sondra Ray L'arte del respiro Armenia

Milena Screm Storia del Rebirthing Meb

Milena Screm Rebirthing
Respirare per rinascere

Tiberio Faraci Innamorati di te
Una guida all'autorealizzazione
Essere felici

Tiberio Faraci Credi in te
e realizza i tuoi desideri
Essere felici

Frédérick Leboyer Per una nascita senza violenza Tascabili Bompiani

Thomas R.Verny, J.Kelly vita segreta prima della nascita Mondadori

Thomas R.Verny Le coccole dei 9 mesi Bonomi Edizioni

Filippo Falzoni Gallerani La forza del respiro Armenia

Gunnel Minett Respirare bene fa bene allo spirito Meb

Gerald Jampolosky Addio Sensi di colpa Essere felici

Foundation for inner peace Un corso in miracoli Armenia

Robert Skutch Com'é nato un corso in miracoli Armenia

Kenneth Wapnick Introduzione a un corso in miracoli Armenia

AA. VV. Estensione dei principi di un corso in miracoli Armenia