Bob Mandel in Switzerland again

Dear all,

I am happy and enthusiastic about the new program that I have prepared for you for the 2013/2014 season, which you can find in detail browsing the website.

Both for the seminars program "Adventures in consciousness" and for the training program "International School of Self-Esteem, Rebirthing and Leadership", I decided to invite to work with me, as I have already done in the past, Bob Mandel, one of the greatest internationally recognized Rebirthing leaders and a great friend of mine.

I am honored to be able to work again with him and to give this great opportunity to you too.

All together we will embark on this wonderful journey that is the deep knowledge of ourselves.

Places are limited, sign up soon.



Bob Mandel's invitations to the seminar: "Rebirthing and 4 the Elements"

Dear friend,

I am writing to invite you to my special seminar in Switzerland this October. It is about The Four Basic Elements, more specifically how you can use them to bring more balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. Nowadays, life tends to be complicated with a multitude of data bombarding our senses and nervous system every day. Moreover, living in the techno-information age, we often succumb to virtual relationships and social networks without being present for each other. As the world spins towards a future beyond our imagination, it is valuable, restorative, and perhaps necessary to step back from these modern times and take a good look at what is really important to us.

In this intensive, it will be my pleasure to support and guide you to deeper understanding of the four basic elements, as defined by ancient philosophers: earth, air, fire water. Sometimes, ether is added as a fifth element, the container of the other four. Beyond understanding, I will take you on a journey through these elements into your soul and what these elements say about you. In other words, you will embrace these elements as external forces which influence your connection to your environment and as reflections of the internal universe where you reside. In the end, by relaxing, meditating, and rebirthing in the presence of these elements, you will integrate their energies as essential components of both your physical wellness and your mental clarity. Specific results may include greater passion and enthusiasm, emotional intelligence, success and prosperity.

Whether you are a therapist interested in continuing your training and improving your therapy, a coach, rebirther, doctor, psychologist, teacher or person on your own spiritual path, I believe these four days will be a special and valuable moment in your life, a time to look at yourself in a new way and understand what our basic nature is, both inside and out.

I support you to join me in October. Meanwhile, may your summer be rich in light and love.

All the best!

Bob Mandel

Bob Mandel's invitations to the courses

Dear Sacred Friends,

"I am very happy to be returning to Switzerland after too long of an absence. In 2013 I will bring two of my favorite topics to you -- Birth, Intimacy, and Relationships, and Rebirthing & The Four Elements.

In the first seminar, I will show you how your intimacy is influenced by your birth patterns, and what you can do to improve the level of intimacy, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

In the second intensive, we will be in residence together and examine both birth and the rebirthing process in relationship to earth, air, fire, and water. This is a very beautiful experience of transforming the limitations of your birth story into an unlimited love story.

I hope you will join me for this work that can both deepen your understanding of yourself and empower you in your professional life.

Love always,

Bob Mandel"