"Rebirthing was a great possibility of enrichment at all levels that life offered to me. In our lungs we have a huge resource for our healing process and a source of joy, so, as we are in this world to be happy, it's worth taking the opportunity of this wonderful technique. The best part of the situation comes when you discover that you are fully centered in the here and now, that you are responsible for what happens in your life. You are even responsible for the thoughts you entertain during the day. You become fully aware of the fact that you can choose not to be a victim of life situations any longer, but you can face them in a responsible way and without letting them wear you. You learn to look at everything in the right distance, keeping the centering and serenity that allow you to reach your goals in a smoother and quicker way.
I thank Francesca from the deep of my heart, my adored teacher who, with her professionalism, her grace, her experience and love for life, has been an important and powerful channel for me to ground all this inside myself, not only at a mental level but deeply. She had the ability to open me to all this because she has so much love that makes everything easy and simple, and I learned from her to love myself, and then everything... as by magic gets transformed and... as sometimes Francesca says... “let's sing the praises of life”, let's live and... don't forget, let's breathe!"

Simona - Genestrerio

"Rebirthing allowed me to become more aware of my breath, of what happened at my birth and therefore gave me the possibility of better understanding myself.
It has been a great gift and I thank fantastic Francesca who made me know it".

Lorenza – Giubiasco

"Two years ago during a difficult moment of my life I accepted with plenty of doubts to have my Chakras rebalanced with the Body Mirror system.
This very special experience made me start a personal growth journey.
After a deep research about the different methods I chose Rebirthing and I started with individual sessions and group seminars at the SRI center with Francesca.
And the first big changes and the beginning of my wellbeing arrived.
I learned to let go of my shyness and started to trust others. Later I decided to continue along this path and I started the individual path with a man and there I learned to let go of my masks...
I admit that I have had many highs and lows and that I reached the bottom too, and that sometimes it has been difficult to put myself together again, but in the end the radical change arrived.
Now I am attending at the professional training and I am enthusiast and want to go on.
I am getting to know very beautiful people who make me feel lots of love which at the beginning scared me.
Now I have opened my heart and learned to give and receive love.
I was once scared to say I love you and I used to hide behind a sms, now on the contrary I am able to express my feelings.
I feel good with other people but most of all I am well with myself!
If I am the person that I am today it is thanks to the work I'm doing and to the Rebirthing technique.
I feel like saying that If I met a person like me I would really like to know her. In the past I would have run away...
I am honored to have been so lucky as to walk this path.
It's worth it!
Last, I want to give thanks: I want to thank you Francesca for your big support; I want to thank all the people who have been working with me especially Patty for the love she communicates to me, Simona for listening in difficult times, Marco for helping me to get over my father's abandonment. Damiano for giving me a push in many little matters, Lore for the beautiful things she thinks about me... Well, I thank everybody and I hold you in my heart".

Caterina - Giubiasco

" … at the end of 2001 with my separation, the consequent divorce and the loss of my workplace I had fallen in a deep black hole.
Getting out of this darkness seemed impossible. My self-esteem, usually quite high, had vanished in thin air as it had never existed. My doctor, because of the depressive state I was in, referred me to some specialists. I followed his advice and talked first with a psychiatrist and then with a psychologist, but I soon understood that this was not the right path for me. A few months later I attended at a personal growth seminar, led by a well-known Swiss philosopher, and there I heard the word Rebirthing for the first time.
This strange word triggered an unexplainable, strong emotion in me. I looked for some information and discovered that it was a self-healing method. I quite soon understood that it could be the solution to my problem. This method made it possible for me to actively participate in my healing. I felt that this was the only way I could fully live my life again.
And so I met Francesca, the rebirther who taught me the technique and accompanied me during the first 10 sessions. I felt totally at ease with her. I was really happy. The more I went on, the more I realized this technique not only would have given light back to me, but that it was leading me on the path of awareness and inner growth.
Then I had 10 more sessions with Pierangelo. The approach with the masculine part was different, but not less deep. I was able to realize again that the masculine and feminine visions are different, but by accepting this diversity I was able to integrate the two parts inside myself and, at the same time, the differences between man and woman. The sessions in hot water were my best preferred ones and the most powerful… At the end of my journey with Francesca and Pierangelo I had my balance back and I was much more centered than prior to my divorce and the job loss. Today I can thank what happened because it allowed me to be who I am. I also acquired two new friends, Franzi and Pier.
Together with the individual sessions I attended at an annual program of seminars organized by Centro SRI. Breathing in a group has a different energy and I allowed myself to go deeper and deeper each time…
After I learned to breathe in a circular and conscious way I started a rapid self-healing and transformative personal process that has freed me not only of my fears and mental limitations, but rebalanced the flow of my life energy as well, flushing away symptoms of sadness, confusion, anxiety, anger, panic and existential emptiness.
Now, when such moments come again I can use the conscious breathing by myself and regain my power. I am happy and grateful towards the Universe for all this."

Brigitta - Ascona

"... a long journey of discovery of ourselves. Thank you for being with me along this path that hasn't always been easy..."

Chantal - Bellinzona

"My name is Liliana. Some years ago, during the summer, I wasn't feeling well. Talking with Pierangelo - we are colleagues - he recommended that I read a book about Rebirthing. With a lot of enthusiasm I read a few pages here and there. I was impressed by the reactions that one can experience practising this technique. A few months later, as I was still feeling not well, I spoke with Francesca who gave me more explanations about this method. This is how I started my first session with her and as I liked it I did more. A whole cycle. I could freely talk of my problems, vent, find a support in the person who was listening to me. And then with the circular conscious breathing I relaxed and was able to find peace inside myself. It has been a beautiful experience that helped me a lot. After that I attended to several seminars organized by Centro SRI and I got to know many beautiful people. Working with others hasn't been easy at the beginning, but after you break the ice, you find the courage to freely talk about your problems in front of other people that like you have theirs. After starting this work on myself I have been feeling better and I thank those who have been supporting me along this path".

Liliana - Cagiallo

"... I am the daughter of an alcohol addict, I come from a strongly dysfunctional family where physical and verbal violence were present. I grew up very insecure and I found myself to be codependent, with some compulsive behaviour, besides suffering of depression. To be well as I am now I had to follow medical therapy and I have also followed several support holistic paths, among which Rebirthing. I can honestly affirm that all the holistic paths gave me much more and more quickly than traditional psychotherapeutic methods. With SRI I had the opportunity to follow a whole cycle of seminars on several subjects and I had 13 or 14 Rebirthing sessions that, without any doubt, helped me to find many answers inside myself. Thanks to a deep work on my parents I found the peace and liberation of forgiveness. Thanks to a water Rebirthing session I found the clarity, the assurance, that good things come. And many other unforgettable and deep experiences".

M.R. Ticino