In the last 40 years, that is to say since its diffusion, Rebirthing has been defined in many ways. I'd like to add this one definition: Rebirthing is a method to regenerate, to expand one's potentials and to rejuvenate as well. A path of development of the being that we are, that allows us to get rebalanced at all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, to open our heart to more love in relationships and to make important changes in our life.

The basis of this method is circular and connected breath, a way of breathing that leaves no pause between inspiration and expiration. Together with the use of the awareness that thought creates our life.on us in our everyday life.

By consciously breathing in a gentle and deep way we energize every cell of our body. We release negative emotions tied to traumatic events occurred during birth, during the first years of our life, and the following years. All these events condition us in our everyday life. Through circular and conscious breathing we reach a feeling of intense wellbeing, inner peace, and we learn to choose what is right for us and nourishes our soul.

What are the benefits that we can obtain with this method?

  • A considerable stress reduction.
  • Release of physical tension.
  • More awareness of our decision-making power.
  • A renewed openness to change and to relationships, both with ourselves and with others.
  • The ability to bring body, mind and spirit to harmony.
  • The ability to recognize the origin of doubts, anxiety and fears. Their acceptance and consequent integration.
  • A higher Self-Esteem.
  • The feeling of being finally flowing with our life.
  • Taking our power and not delegating it to others.
  • Letting go of the victim role and deciding to take the responsibility of our life.
  • Learning to have relationships with ease instead of struggle.
  • Creating prosperity.
  • Transforming pain into pleasure.
  • We will be able to relax in the full awareness of our being.
  • Recognizing that the decisions of the past create our present reality.
  • Turning disapproval towards ourselves into total acceptance.
  • Releasing the breath that was held at the moment of birth, which is at the origin of emotional alterations and several illnesses.

Rebirthing is a personal growth tool that, once acquired, we can use on our own for support in difficult times, to relax, or "just" to feel life flowing in our body.

To reach good results and effectively apply the technique by ourselves this is one of the reasons for learning it we recommend a cycle of about a dozen individual sessions with a male rebirther, a cycle with a female rebirther, and the participation to some seminars.

Individual sessions of Rebirthing last about two hours, and include a part dedicated to sharing and a part dedicated to circular and conscious breathing.